January 2001
‘This fence could use some repairing,’,he says as he turns to the heavily pregnant woman. She looks so lost and all she can give him is a blank stare.
He shakes his head sadly and makes up his mind. He would stay for a little longer and help with the fence. His family could wait.

March 2017
12:29 am
I twist and turn in my bed.. sleep is far away from my mind. A bark from the dogs and the rare sound of motorcycles speeding by are the only sounds I can hear. The wind is silent.

My mind wanders off to the big man who stood home when everyone left.. the days when the broken fence was down from so many people coming in to say their goodbyes.
Day by day, gaining its former glory… looking better. The guy who wished he could ease the pain by taking Sam fishing with him. Who looked at me with eyes that could reach out..
No longer himself.. weak and health failing him miserably..

It’s time to reach out and pay back a little bit.
When the sun comes up this morning, I will head South to just say hi to someone who was there when most needed..