The grass feels moist as we place it somewhere up to dry up. The animals are trying hard to get ot with no success.. Well, I would say it’s cold but am in gumboots, warm trousers, a jacket and more clothes you can imagine.. furthermore, I love the weather of my home area; Aberdare ranges all around us.. particularly Kinangop..

My mum looks at me and I can feel trouble coming..
‘So, my daughter, anyone special yet?’ She asks…

I pretend to shiver..
‘Mum, we should get inside… it’s cold’.. I say trying to sidestep her question..
Well, it doesn’t work.
‘You know my daughter, I hope you haven’t turned into those weird ones that are marrying their gender’ she says…
Damn.. that got my attention.. my mum just knows what buttons to press..

‘Mum, and what would I do with an extra pair of boobs? I have come to accept mine but seriously others?? ‘ I say trying not to smile..
Did my mum just insinuate am a lesbian? Wow..

‘Then where is he?’ She asks..

‘Who?’ I ask innocently.
‘Woman, age is catching up with you…..’she reminds me of my passing years..

‘Mum I could be nun..’ I say and this sounds even funny to my own ears..
‘What did you say?’
Her tone is no longer teasing and well, African mothers could whack your ass whether old or young. I have to watch my step..

‘Mum, honestly the one person I wanted so bad didn’t work out. The rest aren’t interesting enough. It’s either they look good with no brains or with brains and no strength physically. I have no desire to marry a husband I can beat up.. ‘ I say quietly. If she pushes this topic I will have to summon false tears..
She kinda senses it.
‘Maybe you will end up a nun’… she says and as we walk towards the house, I know it is a truce… for now.
The air is moist. It is almost dark.. the wind is quiet.. I think it is a truce even with nature..