While reading some book on womanhood last week, I came across something that made me think
‘Do I hold anything against even those close to me? Do I hold something someone said or did against me? Did I really forgive?’

Well, I hope you can all guess the answer. One thing I had since I was a kid was this memory that never fades, this anger that can never be quenched until whoever instigated it is paid back.. Fully.. no matter how long it takes.. the thirst for revenge.. crying vengeance.

That apparently hasn’t faded.. ( I realized this when someone who scared me was taken in by police, I was so afraid yet so furious. I told one young policeman I would pay him if he beat up that guy into  pulp.. Yup.. I wanted him scared plus in pain).

Well, according to that book, the only way to be really happy is to forgive and forget.. Forgive even yourself. If you can’t, ask for divine intervention..

I haven’t perfected that yet but I have started working on it. Trust me.. I think forgiving and forgetting is not as easy..

The process is writing down that you forgive whoever wronged you and the wrong they did..
Do that until you can think of that person with no ounce of bitterness.

Well, prayer to whoever you believe in is required here.
Don’t overload yourself with so much baggage. Let it go..


That is a list of the first person.. he/she is forgiven.

As we pray
Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us

Let us mean that.. as we forgive those who sin against us..

Blessed week.