Tuesday night
‘I have this nagging headache’ I tell my friend as I slip into this super short night dress..

‘It will go by morning’ she says..
We chat the night away and eventually at around 12 a.m.

Wednesday around 7:20 a.m
My head aches a bit and I struggle to open my eyes… I could sleep more.. I think to myself.
Liquor breath hits me and am fully awake on instinct.
Bloodshot eyes stare at me. Dark marks on rough skin.. bare arms in a vest and a shot..
I might be going crazy..
I stand and start getting away.. well not away.. I hit the wall.
My long legs are uncovered. A dull headache is nagging me. Somehow my legs can support me.. my voice is lost momentarily.
Liquor breath… my brain wants to scream.. my voice is almost lost..

‘What the fuck are you doing here? What the heck!!! ‘ I finally found my voice.

‘Shh.. Winnie…’ he says..

‘Get out.. oh my God.. Get out of here!! Oh my God.. oh my God…
Get out!!’

I must have been screaming.
My girl neighbor bangs her door.. The other neighbor with a kid gets out..

He turns to leave..

I can hear my neighbors talking..

‘Tonnie ameingia kwa nyumba Winnie akiwa’ (Tonnie got into the house with Winnie in it)..

He leaves faster than they get here.. I feel myself breath out… am shaking like crazy.. tears threaten to break..
My neighbor gets in.
‘Are you okay?’

‘I think’
I pick my phone. My cousin is my first priority.. Then I text my friend..
‘Imagine Tony woke me up. Am headed to the police post..’

Within ten minutes, the 5 of us are the Administration Police post..
Well, it has been a shitty day.