Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.
Vladimir Nabokov

There’s this weird smell when I open the door. The house has that smell it had when we found the house ransacked and cash missing. The bed was stepped on and it had dirt marks all over it. The white duvet looked like it was dug up in the farm.

The smell…. it is like somebody with stinking feet got into the house.. I am not sure of it so I first smell my feet despite the fact that I spent the entire day in some open shoes…

I switch on the lights… The bed is totally unmade. Clothes are all over.. any wallet, handbag or bag is open…

The smell is so strong that I feel my stomach complain about it.
We definitely had a visitor when we left. He might have taken a few things too.
I wish I didn’t have to sleep here