I wake up feeling crappy. My stomach hurts like hell and my head feels heavy.
My eyes can’t seem to focus anything.
I take a shower and doubt if am clean. I pull a pair of jeans over my not so skinny legs and a black chiffon top goes with it.
The thought of breakfast nauseates me.. I brush my teeth a try to eat a lemon. I will throw up.

I close the house and somehow find my way to the bus stop. I think my rubber shoes are darn dusty. I settle my head against the bus window. This is gonna be a long day.

People are already at the waiting room when I get in. I simply can’t focus on anything.

‘Hi Winnie!’ Someone says.

I put on my earphones as I write my name on some sheet.

I fall on the sofa in the waiting room with a grateful sigh. 
I can feel my stomach constrict in pain and force myself to close my eyes.

A soft touch wakes me.. My head is still crowded.. my stomach is killing me.



‘It’s your turn’.


Follow me..

I put my earphones in my bag. As I try to stand up, I feel myself sway..
Immediately, the guy who called me rushes by my side.
He offers me support.
‘Are you okay?’ He softly asks.

‘Yes’ I whisper inaudibly.

He lets go of me but instead of walking in front of me, he walks beside me.

I feel weak and weaker. Am not sure I can go through with this.

Nausea rises and I think am going to through up. My hand goes to my mouth and instinctively the guy holds out on me to offer support.

I feel pain give way and my head feels like I am from a merry go round.
My knees become weak and I can feel myself falling.

The guy holds me and as I drift away, I can feel strong hands around me and I can hear myself whisper
‘Am sorry.. am so sorry’.
I slip into nothingness.