Well, we all have our struggles but I think eventually I might succumb to chronic depression because my life is just too much of a struggle.

Someone (I have no idea who) said that, acknowledging a problem or struggle for my case is a step towards solving it.  Lemme therefore do this..

I seriously don’t know how I ended up surrounding myself with anti romantic friends. Am the only soul with an ounce of romance amongst them. Where did I go wrong? I need applications for new friends… please anyone out there?

I need to figure out a way to eat with no exercise and not get fat.

Figuring out guys
I need to get into a guy’s head.. bad. Especially a single one. Reasons?? I will let you know when I do.. 😛

Well, I have been struggling with this since that horrible day when Ghana made it to quarter finals. The game went to well. We as Ghana even managed to get a penalty against the USA team… that was a temporary win… World Cup 2010. Am never visiting Ghana. Am never even making friends with Ghanaians.

I can’t watch football even.
Problem is, every time  I want to pick an African team, I tend towards the West Africans… I need a psychic for this one.