You took a look at me
I was yours to pursue
You came after me relentlessly
With words of love
My past, you said, didn’t matter
Lyrics of wanting to delete my hurt
Is what you came with

‘I wish I had someone like you
Just to show you how much you are worth
And if I had someone like you
I would work to erase your hurt
I will never take for granted all you give to me
To find a virtuous woman is not easy’

You knew the buttons to push
And I fell hard
Your face radiated of love
Fake, just that I couldn’t differentiate

‘sometimes love is blind’

I couldn’t see past the facade
You surely were born for the theatre

I came to you with no second thoughts
I cherished you
I gave everything I thought would make you happy
I ignored all signs but you never were impressed

Day by day, I couldn’t please you
I wasn’t enough
Everything I did you found wanting
To you I was just a tease
I gave my all
You took advantage of it all
With no ounce of satisfaction

‘You were never satisfied, no matter how hard I tried to make you feel complete or a king
I believed in all your lies
In my eyes you never did wrong
You were Mr Right
I cooked, cleaned and stayed home
I wanted to be a good woman’

Time elapsed
You no longer cared to hide
Calls, laughter, presents
You walked out on me
I warmed the bed alone
Hugging myself
Hoping you would be back.

You got tired
You raised your hand mid air
Dropped it and asked me to leave
With red eyes and skinny bones
I dragged myself out
You laughed at me
I felt tears flow.

It has been long
I loved and lost
I moved on

Now you are back
I hold no hate
No anger
No nothing.
Your kind ain’t worth nothing


‘Ringing in my head is what my mama tell me
Wanty wanty no getty ee
Getty getty no wanty’

I will dance to the Riddim

Artist: Tarus Riley
Everything in italics is the lyrics by Tarus.. well, apart from the bold part.