I just wish

Life is no longer the same. Human beings are no longer sane..
They are driven by greed, lust and unquenchable thirst for power.
They hurt, they break.. they destroy anything good that’s within their reach..

They no longer talk face to face. They sit looking at their gadgets.. small talks are no longer made.
Physically present.. mentally absent.

It makes me sad.

Seems like days when sitting down with monopoly or scrabble or perhaps chess are gone…

If not, it looks like a forced game. They roll the monopoly die with one hand. The other clutches their smartphone..

Badminton court is not different… people step out of court… drop racquet.. towel on one hand.. phone on the other hand..

Who bewitched us??

Accidents happen.. we take photos..
Friends pass away, well, we mourn them by putting up their photos on social media..
What the heck is happening??

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
Albert Einstein

I just wish we could take much more time with each other… just a little more time..

More laughter over board games… more time with each other..
More attention..
More reaching out in reality than in social media..
Better relationships than seen on photos..

I just wish we could do this…
I just wish..
And a girl can only wish.

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