As I get to Chandarana Lavington, I feel like crap. Walking for a few minutes when you are going down with a flu isn’t a cup of tea. I could just give a pass, but I need the money.. I have to work.

I walk directly to my section; the toothpaste. I can feel consumers who are shopping stare at me as I hurriedly walk past them in my white clinging dress labelled SENSODYNE.

For some, it looks good. For the toothpaste users, they are waiting for me to take a breath so that they can pounce at me.. yet, it isn’t my fault 75ml of the paste is going for Five hundred Kenyan shillings equivalent to 5 dollars.. it isn’t.

I am in no mood to chat with anyone. I wish I could plug in earphones, but how am I going to talk to customers?

I am arranging the shelf to look better when Sally, the blueband girl passes by to say hi. She has one of the Supermarket tailing her.
He catches up with her and cleverly pins her against the wall a blind spot for the cameras..
She tries to push him but she can’t. Every other attendant is just staring at them. She pushes him and he is stronger than her. He rans his hands over her and I can’t stand it anymore..

‘What are you doing?’ I ask stepping towards them..

‘It’s none of your business’ he answers.
Well, am not amused. I am new and I have several enemies already. But I can afford a few others..

‘That’s sexual harassment’ I say
He lets her go and turns around me..
In the morning really??
‘Look Sensodyne, you are stupid and full of yourself. Just the other day you threw you pineapple at me and now you can’t mind your business’..

‘You are harassing her..’

‘She likes it..’
I glare at him. He eventually retreats but I can tell we will have trouble in the near future..

‘Sally.. you can report him. Or I can do it for you.. ‘ I turn to her.

‘He is just messing around. I think he is funny. ‘ She says

‘Wait, are you serious?? He calls you stupid girl all the time and says you kiss him whenever he wants.. he is insulting you’..

‘No. He isn’t. And about throwing that pineapple on his face. That was rude. It’s a taboo to do it in my culture’.. She says

I am so angry. I can’t control myself..

‘Well, it’s good we don’t share a culture or anything’..

‘Yo.. stupid girl, come here.. leave that Sensodyne….’

Everyone is quiet. The manager passes by.
‘Morning Sensodyne. Are you alright?’ –
‘Am okay Godwin. Can everyone stick to their lines please? I don’t want them over here’.
‘Everyone stick to their lines please’. He says, gives me a smile and walks away.

Soon as he leaves, the Supermarket attendant with his drank friend are standing against Sally. One has his hand on her shoulder. The other one looks as if he is going to kiss her. For a moment she looks a bit scared. Her eyes dart and find mine..

I turn away. We need more customers in. If they don’t flow in, I have to keep observing those men take advantage of a 19 year old who needs beating to get sense in her head.

My day is gonna be long. I already have a headache