It’s very dusty and my legs are covered with red soils.. my dark short hair looks dusty. It’s like I have been dug up from the red soils.
To make matter worse, the wind keeps blowing up the dust. My eyes also feel harassed. The sun is super hot.. Nothing could be worse than January weather.

The song ‘Oceans’ by Casting Crowns comes up in my playlist and the one thing am grateful about is having earphones. Nothing is better than music in my ears..

But wait… yes there is…
I smile as I go past Co-operative Bank.
My latest catch..

Well, am smiling. People stare at me. The fact that I have a t-shirt branded ‘SHUGA’ ( some Kenyan series about HIV that got several adult scenes..) followed up by the words
at the side, makes people stare more.

My phone vibrates and guess who? Yes.. him

I quickly text back

‘I miss you’
That’s a bit weird. I just left him a few minutes ago.
I ignore the message.

My phone rings.

Well, this is weird. I am looking for a sane guy. Not a good looking who can’t let me breath.
I pick it up.

‘ Hi Winnie’..

Wait.. that’s a woman’s voice.. am I going crazy??

‘Oh.. hi. How can I help you?’

She pauses.
‘Who is Roman to you?’

‘Why? He is just some good looking guy who is hitting on me.’

‘Did he tell you he has a wife and a kid?’

‘No’.. I answer.
‘Then am telling you.. am just gonna leave and then…’ She starts crying..
No… I seriously want no woman crying on the other side..

‘Look sweetheart, don’t go anywhere if you don’t want to.. I have no interest in your husband.. I thought he was good looking. I didn’t know he was married….’
I talk to her for a few minutes.

‘I am helpless Winnie. I have no idea what to do with myself.. I have my kid… ‘
I zone out. Listening is kinda not my thing.
I wish her well.. I plug my earphones on..
Time to pick fruits from the market..

3 hours later.
My phone vibrates..

‘Hi. ‘

Well, my inability to scream at people scares some. He sounds tense.
‘Did someone call you from this phone ?’
He asks.
‘No. Why dear?’

‘I left my phone charging.. then my sister picked it up and called you’.


‘Okay. Make your sister call me with an apology. Tell her I want her to repeat the same story she told yesterday..’
Okay.. he says


Ten hours later, no call. Life is good.