Well, I never thought I would welcome all of you to this country but here you go..
‘Karibu Kenya’.

Lemme give you a heads on on what to expect
1. Good food
We are a diverse people. 42 tribes. Don’t dare imagine we all cook the same food.
2. Warm welcome
Only in malls and villages. In Nairobi, people are in a rush to get somewhere and nowhere at the same time. They could care less.
3. Good beach and again good food
That’s what the coast people do best.. cook
4. Horrible traffic especially if it rains
Something happens when it starts raining.. Raindrops are a sign of bad traffic. Especially in Nairobi.
5. Beautiful women
Nothing against anyone but Kenyan women are just a sight to behold so long as you dont count me in.

So much more.. and if you visit.. make sure to email me.. I will make you horrible tea so that when you taste good tea, you can appreciate it…