Am a darn tired today. Yet, I can’t help reflect on the year that is almost fully faded.

Life has been tough. Yes, I have made decisions that cost me. I have let go of people who though I miss at times, I don’t regret doing so.
I have lost old and made new friends. I would love to say life has been pure bliss but that would be a total lie.
I have been floored. At a loss. Life has walked over me. A few tears here and there. Sometimes sitting feeling the wind against my face.. staring at far places with so many wishes in my heart.. sometimes just feeling lost.
I have wished to disappear amongst people but nothing happened..

I have learned that I dislike being amongst many people. They make me so tired.. so many things.

I  could keep on about life but above all I sit and think of God’s grace. My father in heaven.  His grace has been so sufficient that even when floored, I have found encouragement. Even when lost, I have been found.
I can’t say how much I have gained or lost in the year 2016 but I can confidently say

  ‘God you are gracious to me. In my hour of need, I called you and you answered me. When I found no reason to go on, your voice whispered encouragement to my discouraged heart. You surely are a good Father. Nobody compares to you.’