Dear Foreigners

Hi. I am an African. Now, we love when you come to visit Africa. It’s good for our economy. We will sell you everything above the normal prices.. but there is a problem we need to address.

Africa is kinda of a CONTINENT not a COUNTRY.
So when you are visiting, will you please please not say you are going to AFRICA??
Say something like Kenya in Africa or Algeria in Africa or Tanzania in Africa..
Otherwise you have me suicidal.

Oh.. and please feel comfortable to not carry bedding.
We have some here. Comfortable, clean and nice smelling.

I almost killed one of you who asked if they could bring a pillow.
Good day and Karibu Kenya in Africa

26 Replies to “Dear Foreigners”

      1. Yes, more wool, please. Or linen! Yes, linen pillows. No – wait! Silk. Yes, silk please. If it’s no trouble for you. Do I get to pick the color too? And – if you have some extra time, embroidered pillows would be best. Maybe of a Kenyan sunset. Try to use as many colors as possible. 😀

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  1. In a similar vein, I live in a mid sized Canadian city (750k-800k people), and I used to work at a hotel. Compared to cities with millions of people 750k isn’t that big, but at the same time we aren’t that small either.

    A few annoying moments:

    – once a big band stayed with us the night of their concert, and while I was talking to the vocalist he asked me if “everyone knows everyone” here. Umm, I don’t know about you, but I can’t say I know 750k people. Heck, I probably don’t even know 200.

    – another time a guest asked me if there were any shopping malls near the hotel. I didn’t properly hear his question, and I guess I gave him a blank look like I didn’t understand. He assumed I had never heard of a shopping mall, so he proceeded to tell me “it’s like a big building with a bunch of stores in it”. I told him yeah – go out the front door to your right. There’s a mall right there.

    The things people say.

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    1. Oh my!! Weren’t you tempted to direct him to something else??? He is lucky it ain’t me he met. I would have given wrong directions.
      Lol… everyone knows everyone?? Ok.. he is just super dumb

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  2. Your comments about the way foreigners perceive Africa are so true. I remember once meeting a very lively guy in Sierra Leone who told me that he was sick of the negative imagery of the continent with starving children etc. ‘There is life in Africa’ he said, as we watched a stunning village festival, with the whole community enjoying a feast and having the time of their lives.

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  3. well, i have to admit, i have said, at times, “I would love to visit Africa”. But it is helpful to hear how this sounds. Really, having read so much about Kenya, it is the country in Africa I would most like to visit.

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    1. You are so welcome here… we say ‘Karibu Kenya’ ( welcome to Kenya). It’s an awesome place. If you land in Nairobi, let me know. I would love to meet a friend and buy you Kenyan tea!! Only if you don’t mind


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