I am partially awake when I open my what’s app this morning… My semi conscious mind reminds me of that funny text


Well, I would text bae… just that bae is me. And I have myself right there.

Video clips auto download and I struggle to open my eyes to watch.. one is just a stupid funny clip of a pregnant mama dancing herself to sweat or to death maybe.. I smile lazily.. I need to brush my teeth..

The other clip has me wide awake.. what the hell!!
It is child porn.. someone forwarded it and attached the text
‘Watch out if you have younger siblings’
I would explain the details just that I feel totally sick and my stomach wouldn’t hold it.
‘Who the heck recorded this??? ‘
Is my first reaction..

The boy is approximately 8yrs whereas the girl could pass for 13.
The boy is being taken advantage of clearly.  I just can’t explain this..

I have no kid and I have no idea on how to get one not taken advantage of but I think parents should tell kids to maybe run when someone touches them in certain areas or sexually. (I have no idea how to pull that one).

I don’t know where the world is headed but it feels like moral decay has finally touched surface.. We can all see the effect and the stench is assaulting our minds..
Where do we go?