Can we start by saying a small prayer and hope it never happens?

The first time I was slapped by someone I was in form 1. Fresh into secondary school. I made fun of my Biology teacher who heard it.. and well, not really fun.. I was just concerned if he would reach the blackboard  since he was very short.. could we just say I was concerned??

Well, in the light of recent event ( Congolese star Koffi Olomide slaps a woman.. caught on camera and now instead of performing in Kenya, Kenyans are screaming for him to be deported back to Congo)
I have been wondering what I would do if a guy slapped me..

Is it police, is it feigning death or what would I do?. I probably would walk away in peace then come back with a jug of hot water from wherever and throw it right into… need I complete that..

On a serious note.. what man slaps a woman? That’s uncouth