Well, I think guys generally are pretty stupid and very bright at the same time.. how that happens, I have no idea. Men can be creative, manipulative and anything with a ve at the end once interested in a woman.. Need I say how annoying they can be if the feeling ain’t mutual?


Church brothers… I am born again. A Christian and I love God. I pray and go to church. That’s my testimony.

But, let’s agree on something. You  can’t and won’t invite me for a service, prayer session or overnight prayers the famous kesha in Kenya if you have personal interest in me.
If you do that, you could please state your motive is to see me not to see me in church.. Stop avoiding taking me out. And it quite annoys me to think that when I was busy praying, you were busy thinking how I could wash your clothes or be the mother of your kids… And you couldn’t help smiling at the thought of how cute they could be if they inherited my ears..

Get me right, you can invite me.. but after you have stated exactly what your interest is. I don’t want to waste my energy imagining how lucky I am to find a Spiritual father or brother.

Now, if I accompany you to a Kesha, you will remain my spiritual brother. It can’t be more than that.
I won’t accept kesha in exchange of a good meal in quiet restaurant. Forget it..