Sometimes letting go does one good than holding on.
My phone vibrates.. it’s weird. Just a few people have this number.
I pick the call absent mindedly..
‘Hi. How are you?’
I freeze.. No.. this ain’t fair.. you can’t..
‘ what do you want?’

I feel cold. It is soo cold..
‘You know what I always wanted. Can we meet? ‘
‘I have no business meeting you. I am happy now. You can’t take that from me.’

I want to hang up but I can’t.
Thoughts.. memories..

A beautiful Valentine teddy bear.. a woman.. her clothes.. her lipstick..
Her ghost like presence hanging around the house of the guy I wanted most..
The relationship I wanted to work..

Tears… Walking away…

‘Are you there? ‘
‘Yeah.. bye. ‘
I hang up..
I want to wipe away tears.. there is none..
It is just cold