Hi silly cutes.. I love you all wherever you are.. we have to make this agreement however;
You see, you are still unborn. And I haven’t found a father for you yet.
He will be the best thing that will happen in my life.. yes, even after you are born.
I am beautiful and he will be my choice.. creme de la creme in my life..
Now, all am trying to say is that you can’t disrespect my husband; your father.
You will tame your tongues, manners and anything else that might direct disrespect to my husband.
This guy is my pick, my heart and my life.. waay before you come into my life.
Let’s call a truce before you are even born,  you will respect my husband.
Otherwise babies, just stay wherever you are… it will be safer than if you hang around the earth and disrespect my love