It is a cold day. I am rubbing my hands together to try to keep warm. The fact that I am overdressed doesn’t help. My head is covered in a black turban. My rubbers are black too..
Well, it has been a good day; siku njema.
‘ You know, you can’t get married when you are this freaking broke.. seriously what are you gonna do with kids anyway? ‘ my friend is saying and I am laughing at how focused she is at making money first..
I shrug my shoulders
‘And who said am getting married? Look at you..  who I am I getting married to anyway? Plus if I can’t buy my gown, then I can’t get married’ ..
She rolls her eyes..
‘Stupid girl.. you think wedding is all about having a good gown.. sometimes I wonder how you ended up this stupid.. Winnie lemme tell you…’
I am laughing at her now..
Then screams..
I dart outside her shop just in time to see the kid we just sold to milk sink into unconsciousness..
Blood drains off my face.. I want to throw up..
‘Careless motorbike riders… I hope that kid doesn’t die.. ‘
No… it was supposed to be a good day.. my siku njema..
‘Are you okay?’
‘I guess’
I feel like death is looming  all over…