19 Replies to “Friday”

      1. Oh.. nothing much. Am back to normal crazy self.. and doing some research job.. that takes more time than it pays… the boss is a witty pretty lady.. it is hard to keep annoyed at her.
        What about you? Farming?

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      2. Just worked through a 7 week strike, so I’m a bit behind in all of my yard work. I haven’t done much music as of late, but I’m on vacation in a few weeks.

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      3. I have my tomotoes planted and my potatoes planted, so they’ll need tending. The summer squash is growing fast, and I’m trying to grow my first olive tree. So, you see, I have plenty for you to do.

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      4. It likes to grow fast, and is very productive. The trick is not to let the soil dry out completely. It’s also a heavy feeder, so it needs lots of organic fertilizer. Many gardeners grown them large, but I find the large ones to be less tasty. I tend to pick them at about 4-6 inches.

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