The rain is hard on the roof.. nothing soothing.
I uncover my head and I can feel the cold air hurt my nostrils down to the throat..  I have to cover myself up.
I pull the sheets and cover myself up.. No air.. I can’t breath..
I stretch my hand under my pillow and pull out my earphones..
The song by Jeremy Camp is the first on my playlist and I can feel myself drift.. the lyrics aren’t as clear..
‘I can feel waters raging at my feet… I can see’..
I drift away.. I am semi awake. Uncomfortable.. I toss.. I turn..
Finally I fall into disturbed sleep.

Breeze.. my nostrils hurt..
The storms are hard. I am trying to cross over the waters but I can’t. Everyone else is on the other side.. nobody is looking back for me. The waters are like mocking me. Flowing fast that I can’t dare take a step forward.
I am helpless… I know I can swim a bit. But the currents scare me..
I will have to stay here. I am cold.. so cold..
My feet feel numb. My hands are white and my face is freezing..
I take in a deep breath.. My nostrils.. damn.. they hurt like crazy.

I am helpless and I can feel tears threatening..
Then some distant music..
‘Jesus friend of sinners’ by Casting Crowns..
The lyrics ‘ we never know what we are up against when we judge the wounded… ‘
It stirs me awake.. it’s a relief that am in bed.
My throat hurts.. my head is heavy and my nostrils are blocked..
I think am going down with tonsillitis. 😦

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