For your birthday week!

What’s up!!
(Let me hope you never read this)

Dear Sam
A week like this, ( is it 70 years ago or 80?) your mum anticipated for her bundle of joy.. she walked.. hoped.. prayed and prepared and maybe shopped for a few baby clothes (hopefully not a girl’s).
And you couldn’t let her rest..
When you finally came, she was awed.. (but I think you were a bit ugly.. nothing personal here).
You were just whatever she had asked God for.
You did grow fast I must say and when we got to earth like 50 years later, you were and still is an amazing guy.. (am just being nice here)
your birthday week, I wish you total happiness and for your birthday, joy.
May the Lord delight in you and bless you immensely.
May this week be full of happiness and blessings. Find favor in the eyes of God and consequently eyes of men.

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