I lie uncomfortably on the couch… I stretch my hand to feel if I have my phone.. it is there.. safe.
I can feel myself drifting away.. I feel sleepy and happy.
Days have flown by and I have spent the better part of the week smiling not to mention laughing with my friends..

If only I wasn’t so broke.. then I would say I have the dream life..

Plans to visit Kenyan Coastal areas for the Easter break have been put off.. money matters. I don’t really feel at a loss.
I can feel myself smiling in my semi_asleep state. I know even if I don’t hit the Coastal areas or take any other road trip, I will spend the break with amazing people.. and am going to be happy..
Still, I would have loved to hit the road..

My eyes finally are too heavy to keep open.. I give in and close my eyes..
Darn.. it’s uncomfortable.. I am too tall for the couch..

My struggles are cut short by my phones vibration.. it’s a text..
Maybe it’s mpesa.. (mobile money. Here we send and receive money through phones so it is M for mobile and Pesa, Swahili for money thus M-Pesa)
I force my eyes open and guess who..
The same guy who got me so sad that I thought I would never laugh..
‘Hi. I know you told me not call you. But I had promised myself that I would go for a road trip with you before things changed. I would feel better if I fulfilled that promise’
I seriously want to throw away my phone.. 😀