Forgive my ungrateful heart

Standing there in a floral dress
Red flowers to be precise
With a radiant smile on her face
With a slight bend…
Something about her leg.

And he read for her

‘I thank God for healing me
I am grateful for today
I can see
I can walk
I have legs..
I thank God for those guys.. it was a beautiful praise…’

I feel  a lump rise on my throat..
So much I have been taking for granted..
Maintaining a gloomy face
And worse off, an ungrateful heart

I blink back tears as she walks  towards her seat with a slight limp
And the smile so beautiful on her face..
I turn to my neighbor
She wipes a tear off her face and whispers

she  can’t hear. That’s why she got it read..

Forgive my ungrateful heart oh Lord..,

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