So today …
It has been an amazing day and I have been smiling for the most it..
From my tom boy friend thinking that the husband would make a better wife than her.. to learning reasons as to why women should take more pineapples ( please I need to be updated on the fruits for women and reasons.. please)..
Then hitting the market in the evening..
I love Nairobi.. seriously. The only thing lacking here is a beach and human body spare parts.. anything else… Nairobians are there for you.. and am sure if they could, they can bring the beach here
So, the city is lovely on the Central business district while the down town is crazy..
All traffic rules are broken there. If you are crossing the road, it’s like you are competing with buses and matatus and motorbikes.. as if that ain’t enough, Nairobi people on that side of town are so many and in a rush.. so you most likely get home with aching shoulders..

Apart from that, day time, it’s bits of street business.. in the evening though.. you really don’t need a market.. hustling Nairobians will bring it closer to you..
Clothes, fruits.. greens..
It’s crazy awesome..
However, when buying, keep close your bag and phone..
I don’t mean Nairobi is unsafe but seriously pickpockets are so real that they will cut your bag and by the time you are noting it, you won’t see any guilty face.. it will be normal hustle..  and you with a torn bag
When using your phone too, hold it tight.. or better use earphones.
I could take photos but then most likely I would end up without a phone…
The conmen in Nairobi are also super cool.. I have been conned once.. you really never know what happened.. you will just find yourself conned..
Apart from that, it’s fun if you want to get lost among people, shop and run at the same time


Anytime you visit Kenya, downtown is worth visiting so long as you trust your Swahili.