I wake up late…
I seriously don’t know whether to first take a shower breakfast..
But then food is important..

Surprisingly I am in super high moods.. I think someone drugged me in my sleep..

I miss my very ugly brother though.. I have to admit no matter how un _lookable he is.. if there is such a word.. or how stupid he is, I still miss him..
Maybe it’s because am a good hearted person..

Thinking of him, he texts me up and says he is home with mum. I tell him to say hi to her and I get this dumb text
‘ nimwambie ni nani?’
{That translates to ‘ who do I tell her it is?’ }

Seriously do I have to deal with this? How can one person be this dumb?  I am smiling as I leave the house. My mind is on how much fun my brother pokes at me and am happy..

I take a motorbike to the bus station and I love the speed.. the wind.. the breathlessness..
Am off to the crazy market..
I will definitely rub shoulders with so many people today.. time for business..


Some road towards the market