Today has been a super weird day.. mark the super

Keeping fitness in mind, I went shopping with a friend for sport shoes. The guy we met had different types of shoes and we went ahead to ask for sports shoes
‘ do you have sport shoes my size? ‘
‘ what’s your size sister?’
‘ seven brother’
I stress on the brother bit.
‘You just take white rubbers. Si hizo umeitishwa kwa barua?’
{ isn’t that what they asked for in the letter? }
I just left.. and pulled my friend with me.
Every time a student is admitted to secondary school, a pair of white shoes is amongst the items..
Well, I know I look young but seriously.. that brother is blind..

Fast forward
My friend’s shop
We are busy talking to customers and we note some guy who is still on the phone and ain’t leaving.
My first thought is that he is a thief and we gonna get hurt..
Well, I have been held at gunpoint once and received a blow, so I really don’t like the idea.
I tell my friend that am going to leave the shop.
The guy draws closer and I feel myself tense..
My friend taps me on the shoulder and tells me to look out..
I think of guns really.
I raise my head and I wished I hadn’t..
All I want is to throw up…

The guy is smiling at us, phone on one hand and the other on his penis which is totally out and he is jerking off..

For a moment I think am going crazy…
Then the shock of hits me…
‘ Call up someone.. this guy ought not to be there’
I hear myself say before sinking below the counter so as not to see him looking at any of us.
I think am still traumatized