Letting go of a relationship

You sit there and you no longer know what to make out of the relationship you have. The feelings are still there but you feel like you are fighting alone to keep the two of you together.


You hold on until you realize you spend most of your time sad or if you are together with your partner, you still feel incomplete..
Sometimes life isn’t about the battles we win, it is about how we know what to fight for and what to let go of.
Life is the art of mingling letting go and holding on..
Okay? Sometimes just let it go



3 Replies to “Letting go of a relationship”

  1. This really got to me cos I’m presently at the brink of a one-sided affair with a lady who so crazy about, I make all the efforts to communicate but she doesn’t seem to give a damn. She doesn’t return my call or texts, always too busy I guess. And she doesn’t let me in, I barely know what’s going on in her life cos she keeps me in the dark, and always too shelled up. I really do like her…no….I love her but the way things are going I doubt if I can still carry on any longer.


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