Sometimes I run low. Really low and I just thinking  about my own death..

Maybe one early morning everyone will try to wake me up.. or just assume am sleeping late as usual. Then realize it’s almost lunch and I haven’t had breakfast ( my food is important).. Then realize I haven’t woken up to have my lunch.. Then they will try to wake me up..

Then luckily for me I will have sank into eternal peace.. one day when I die, everything will not matter. My body will just look pale in the casket.. Maybe I will be dressed in an African attire.. I don’t want to wear jeans when am dead anyway..

My spirit will have no idea what’s happening. Or maybe I will find out when I leave my body that I can get to watch people cry over my body..

Maybe I will be able to send a message through a Ghost Whisperer.. maybe.. if she exists..
One day when I die,  I will be in peace.. no pain.. no thoughts and damn it!! No food no badminton.. 😦
That is the saddest part of death by the way..
Luckily I will get to sleep forever