I have nothing personal against Catholics but still I won’t attend a mass. sometimes I think they honor mere human beings a bit too much but it hasn’t bothered me until now..

I leave the house happy. I am going to hang out with my games tutors and plan two major events for this year.  Yes it is school stuff and am out but I can’t resist a chance to run along the beach late this month and along lake shores in December..

I am excited until one of the tutors told me there was something he wanted me to see.. when I got to the tennis field, I almost fainted..




there on the freaking hard court is that building. yes.. on the court.. on the damn court..
I couldn’t believe it.. how are those tennis lovers going to play tennis if that’s the  court they built on?

I know my husband is badminton but  I can’t say I don’t have feelings for tennis.. Seriously that’s the only other game that I want to marry.. 😦

I ask why it’s being built and apparently the Catholics picked the venue and requested that during Pope’s visit, he find the new building…

I can’t help but be mad at them.. seriously the university has a chapel already.. do we need you to take our only hard court? even with the pope??

Right now all I hope is that I won’t ever have to go to that building… I hate it already.. unless of course they convert it to a badminton hall..
I am not happy with Catholics too.. won’t just get a tent? He will leave anyway..