Taking a bus that has always been fun for me especially in rush hours.. morning and late evening.. I specially take the bus that has the potentiality of breaking all traffic rules because well.. who wants to be stuck in traffic for long??

Today is no different. I am on my way home from buying shuttles for tomorrow’s game. I feel weirdly sleepy and all I want is to beat traffic, get home and sleep. I take the window seat and am sitting alone for a few minutes and hopping to get a sane seat mate.. well.. maybe I didn’t pray. maybe I prayed a bit too late..

A few guys hop into the bus and one shouts
‘ nataka kuketi na dame mwenye nitaitisha number’
( I want to seat to a woman who I can get a number from).

These guys aren’t new. I know the type. I sink further into my seat and bow my head and pretend to be really busy on my phone. Nobody can  see me..
When he taps my shoulder, I seriously want to weep like a baby..
You see,this these type isn’t new. and it ain’t the type you want to spend 40 minutes on the road  with especially when you are sleepy. They smell of cigar, liquor and miraa..

‘ madam… nataka tujuane.. ‘
(loosely translates to lets know each other.. )
This is gonna be one hell of a bus ride.. 😦 😦

( I am typing really fast because he is looking over my phone and all I want is to get away.. )
pray I get home fast