I leave home around lunch hour. In submitting my copy of dissertation, I misspelled my supervisor’ s name and she could take it. She texted me to meet her in her office. When I leave the house though, I have all sort of ideas.. maybe the theory.. maybe the analysis.. I seriously can’t imagine doing that thing again.
I take the window seat as usual in the bus. I am in no mood for bad seat mates.
Well, it is my lucky day. A very good looking guy sits next to me and well, to keep my mind away from my dissertation, I start imagining dating the handsome stranger next to me. Then I smile absently at how stupid I can be when I focus my mind. Well, let’s say am damn lucky.. the guy smiles at me and this brings me back to reality..
Damn it!! I was staring. Color drains off my face and my seatmate chuckles.. that doesn’t help much.
By now the tout is just nearby collecting fare. I go through my purse and draw a hundred shillings note.  My seatmate looks at me and asks if it’s okay if he paid. Well, I smile.. today might as well as be my lucky day.
The tout gets to our seat and he looks familiar. I have taken the bus severally to work and to school.
He looks at me and says
‘ my dear, today I am paying your bus fare. I have always wanted to’

Damn… I could have hit him right on the face. I give the tout a stiff smile and a half hearted thank you. It’s just awkward. My guy alight on the next bus stop. He turns, smiles then shakes his head..
It wasn’t my lucky day after all.