My unborn baby

Sweetie hi..  
Your mama is well. You know it’s not often I will talk to you because if you take after me, you will be a little freak. And am afraid that I might end up mad.
Now don’t get excited..  I still don’t know how your father looks like. I sent someone to do research and he is taking forever. I will update you soon as I see any potentiality of a father in someone. Seriously sweetheart, I will complain to you how this world is but only when your father is there.

Now to business. You know I already love very much, right? But there will be boundaries little one. I just saw my friend’s kid throw a toothbrush at her mother and I said a little prayer for you. Because if you do that you won’t like it at all. Sweetie you will have to learn respect doesn’t come easy. We are born disrespectful. Sometimes respecting your grandparents, I have to bite my tongue, literally. Now you will have to find a way to survive but I won’t take any sign of disrespect. I was spanked. I didn’t die. Don’t ask for it.
I love you very much sweetheart to one day give up my stomach abs and carry you in my stomach.
Talk to you later. Am busy trying to make a few bucks and trying to get you a father..
Your mother


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