Today has been a weird day.
Waking up as usual and doing some chores. At around 11 a friend updated in our class group that a hostel was on fire. I called up a few friends to make sure they were fine.
I sat with my laptop doing really nothing. We were two of us in the house. It was quiet. Then we heard gunshots. They were close by but not close enough so we locked up the house and went to a nearby shop. Everyone was discussing where the gunshots were at and I just listened..
The gunshots discussion had people drifting back to 2007. That’s the year Kenya suffered a great tragedy. There was post election violence in some regions. In Nairobi it was a bit controlled though the sound of gunshots had people thinking they were going to be shot soon or be butchered with machetes. It was scary for those people especially from my ethnic group.
We discussed on what went on and I didn’t have much to say because in my area, all we experienced was hearing bad news day in day out. No violence. People sat in shopping centers in groups and worried over their people who were out of the central region. It was sad.. People were broken and still haven’t fully recovered. Gunshots take them back to that year.

I left the shop feeling sad for them. I logged into my What’s app and one of my friend’s profile was sad. I texted her and all she is, is a broken woman.. from a relationship. I have no idea how to help her and all I could tell her was that I have her back and to be stronger but… she still is broken.

It is 11:30. I am yet to transfer some schoolwork to another computer that I will be using tomorrow but I feel as if part of me went out with the people I have been relating with today..