It’s been sometime and life is good. A few changes here and there and excitement for me as this year grows older.

Hoping it keeps going as well and am crossing fingers. Some amazing people keeping my life with smiles..
Just to mention a few there is Racheal
This woman is crazy and she keeps me laughing all day. I will upload a crazy message from her tomorrow..
There is Sam my brother and Sam my cousin
My brother for continuously saying am ugly to make himself feel handsome and my cousin Sam for having a degree in stupidity. One day I will die cause of laughter. And you will feel guilty forever.

Then there’s of course one person who am not sure would love to be mentioned or be referred to as an idiot.. still, I think you are crazy and I will pay you for making me laugh in the bus. Now I look crazy too.

Goodnight ❤ ❤ ❤