Relating with Humans

Sometimes I end up thinking that I seriously belong to another world..  I have realized apart from being a sociology major, nothing else equips me to relate with people.

When I was in primary school, I spent my time either in school or helping my mum in the farm. I read novels as a hobby and played football. I wrote my short story compositions when I was free. I just realized my best friend was my maths and English teacher.
Secondary school, I was sent to a new place which is around six hours drive from home. I read novels when I wasn’t reading schoolwork or doing assignments. Every free hour was spent in the badminton court. Almost every weekend was spent in other schools for sports, mathematics contests or English debates.. Again, my best friend was my sports teacher and my favorite teacher was English..

Campus had me about 3hours drive from home. My best friend was my racquet. All weekends were spent either in the court, other campuses, sports clubs and at times my aunt’s place.
After clearing school, I have just realized I can’t relate with humans. I make enemies faster than I make anything else.
Most people can’t stand how blunt I am and am just learning how to sugarcoat answers especially negative ones.
My cousin was on my neck just a few weeks ago for telling someone I had no intention of visiting her in the near future. That is the truth but apparently it sounded really mean.
Every statement I am making now, I have to watch. If I have to speak my mind, I have to paraphrase it every time and am getting tired. I feel like am walking on eggshells and they might break any minute. Relating to humans is really way harder than I thought.. 😦

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The Beauty of a New Day

So Wednesday is here. A few changes will be made in life but nonetheless life goes on..
The Beauty of a new day is that it brings forth so many opportunities, new people, old people and it is a chance to see  a new sunrise  yet another, though not last sunset..


It brings great friends, old friends and definitely mad friends. This is a sign of madness


(Kwani wanauza experience translates to ‘ are they selling experience?? )

Have a blessed wednesday!!

always winnie


Apart from being home alone with mosquitoes, t.v. and food, today I had a very funny day. Yesterday someone fed me with information that scared me out of my skin..
Well, it is about female genital mutilation. The information was that if I got married to a certain tribe, I would have to undergo that.
Whoa!! I love myself and maybe that is what will destroy me.. the love of self. I asked the guy am going out with and I thought he would laugh but  he didn’t. I remembered that one of my friends is going out with a guy from that particular tribe. I asked her today to ask her boyfriend.
It might have turned sour.. I seriously and honestly think that that guy was looking for an excuse to dump that girl…
Later in the day I looked at my what’s app messages and… this is what I got


Honestly what did I do now.. I wrote am sorry but it still appears hilarious to me. Who gets dumped for asking a question?
All we ask questions for, is to set our minds free…

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Female genital mutilation – my story

Oh someone shoot me. This freaks me out. Hats off to this lady for writing it though

women leading change

By Kezia Bianca- YWCA of Kenya

Kezia Bianca

My name is Keziah Bianca, I am 22 years old and work at the YWCA of Kenya – Kisii branch. Kisii is a place renowned for practicing female genital mutilation and as a girl who grew up here, I was not an exception. I cannot blame my family for making me go through this inhuman act, as the society dictates it. In my culture it was considered unclean for a girl not to go through the practice.

The reason why I am writing this is to say to the girls who faced female genital mutilation like me, to still trust in life and a brighter future. It doesn’t matter what happened, or how your past has been, you can still have a future if you stand up and let your voice be heard. Talk about how you feel and also protect the…

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Weekend I will miss you

Despite being threatened with death by some Nigerian psychopath just before my weekend began, I certainly had the most awesome weekend I have had in a month or so.
Our boss decided we can’t work and I had to fight the urge to hug her. I went home excited. Friday was all energised. I spent a few hours in the salon braiding my hair


The rest of the evening was spent celebrating my favorite guy’s graduation. The happy fact wasn’t that he was graduating.. it was the food. Cake and icecream into the night. I went home sleepy and happy.
Saturday, I woke up as the last person. Went to the city to have my measurements taken. I might be getting an awesome dress for an upcoming wedding. The sad thing is, I might wear heels and even sadder that am paying for both the heels and the dress.
I later went to meet my husband, badminton. We had fun until all my energy got drained and I went home stinking and tired. I pity the person who sat next to me in the bus.
Sunday.. It wasn’t as lucky but I got to go church. I feel guilty because I am not a saint yet almost everyone thinks I am.. anyway, I will definitely have the atonement fast. Later I helped in preparing food for my aunt’s visitors. It wasn’t fun but at least I got to eat. By now you should have known I love food.  I eat and hope it doesn’t make me fat.
Anyway, I talked hours with my friend over the phone and just when I thought I would sleep, look what is here… Monday.
I will miss the weekend.

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Loving Someone Is Life’s Greatest Gifts!


An Aviator's Blog!

To love someone
is to experience every other emotion outside of love and still come back to love.

To love someone
is to feel hurt or pain and be able to overcome it and forget about it.

To love someone
is to realize that the other person is not perfect. It is being able to see their bad parts, but put emphasis on the parts you love, and gladly accept them for the individual they are.

To love someone
is to lay a strong base for the feelings, but leave same room for some fluctuation, because to feel exactly the same way all the time would leave no room for growth, experience and learning.

To love someone
is to be strong in accepting new ideas and facts. It is knowing that a person will not stay the same, but also that change happens gradually.

To love someone
is to…

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Emotional manipulation


“I am involved with someone else” I say with finality.
He stares at me standing in his spacious room. He crosses the distance and holds me against him. I just stand there stiffly and hold my hands against myself. He acts like he can’t feel it. He hugs me tight and I can feel myself struggling to breathe. Trying to push him away is like pushing a wall away.
You are hurting me` I whisper..
You are hurting me too… if you go I will kill myself.
I feel myself freeze..
You can’t do that.. I start.

You know you deserve all the best.. I find myself saying.
He stops hugging me and looks into my eyes. I feel myself  soften.
‘ you are the best I can have.. ‘ he says and I can see his eyes moisten.

I can’t bring myself to say no. I am in a fix. He looks so broken. It’s like I actually mean the world to him. My strong resolve to get away from him weakens.. I am defenseless.

I almost say yes to him.. then I remember the first time he convinced me to visit him..
‘ It’s my birthday. At least do me this favor’
I realize I was being manipulated. And I was dancing to it.

always winnie

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