Annoying humans

I am really pissed off at this hour but I hope everyone is really okay.
I don’t know what went wrong with humans but people will have to understand you will always get back what you give.
Just give me a smile and definitely I will smile back. Be nice and definitely I will be awesome.. Seriously negative attitude?? Towards me? Okay… it makes me have a hard time breathing.

Today I have had a wonderful day. I laughed like crazy and made fun of life with a few friends I recently made. I was in great moods until it was time to leave and as usual there should be a woman release us and makes sure we don’t leave with anything.
We patiently wait for her for more than thirty minutes and hope she will come and say sorry.
How wrong would we be…

She comes in and says
Open ya bags, or aren’t you planning to leave??

I almost pass out on my seat..

It’s only natural reaction to tell her
‘ no, we are just waiting to see you’

Unlucky for me. She hears it.

‘ are you being rude?? ‘ she asks me directly
I have to bite my tongue from telling her am being as polite as she was but then I might get in trouble so I opt for

‘ did you just hear yourself??  We have been here for all the hours and what did you just say¿’

She isn’t as pleased and threatens to keep us longer tomorrow.

I hope she tries to do that because I am game for creating trouble. It is her job to release ladies. She should get the right attitude to let her survive and do her freaking job.. Why are human beings so annoying?


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