I #vote @Kidscompcamp


Let’s hope a few of you will read this.
Kids comp camp is a simple movement by volunteers to educate kids in the rural Kenya on computer use.  They fund themselves on every penny and now there is a great chance by Microsoft to grant them $50,000 to keep doing the good work.
There is a catch though, they have to be voted on social media ie instagram, facebook and twitter.
This is simple
Just tweet, update on fb or on instagram
I #vote @kidscompcamp #UpgradeYourWorldKe
Anybody can vote from any country. Just please copy paste that part and have it on your social media wall
Well, while at it you could follow me on twitter @winchegew or request me on fb Chege Winnie W.
Instagram can be discussed. ❤

always winnie

3 Replies to “I #vote @Kidscompcamp”

  1. Darn it! This is one of the only times I’ve wished I were into social media… for an excellent cause such as this. I wish you the very best in getting the support needed for this wonderful cause! 😘 💝 💖 💙 👍

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