This has been one year that I watched myself go crazy. It is in this same year that I got lost and for one flash I thought maybe I could get married.
Funny, right??
Well, am lucky that it is in this same year that I realize that I can seriously go mad if I don’t watch myself.
Two days ago something happened. It just woke me up. In my madness, I was actually considering a baby..Oh my!! Like my own baby. Whatever happened just made me realize a baby ain’t a doll that I can’t get rid of whenever I want. It is there to stay.
December is approaching soon and I hope that I will be graduating. I don’t know where I was rushing to.. I haven’t even graduated.

I have finally decided to sit and think what it is I want. In thinking, I went through next year’s offers in scholarships in a masters in cultural studies and other sociology related courses and I can’t help cross fingers hoping that when the results are out, they will be generous enough to land in second upper class.
This has been a turn of thoughts because I haven’t considered going back to school but now I am. I just guess am maturing up.. maybe..
I also want to move around a lot within and without the country and having any relationships that will tie me down isn’t in my list. I think I will just keep roaming in the country as I have in the past years for my studies and sports until I think age is catching up with me.

Soon as the teachers are out of strike, I will be going to conduct my little research then maybe I will know what to do next. I just hope to get a job that will keep me on the road until I can’t take it anymore.. πŸ™‚

always winnie