She is a witch
This is a common phrase.. what of he is a witch??

I am sitting at the benches in main campus waiting for a friend so that we can do some work. I have nothing to do in the meantime. As usual it is my phone that will entertain me. I play the farm saga game for a few minutes and get bored. I look at the funny videos and they no longer look funny, then my phone vibrates in a second. Nothing displays. I think I imagined it.
But then my phone was just there in my hands. I think I am going crazy. I check for new messages.. nothing..
Missed calls.. nothing.
Maybe I am hallucinating.
I call my friend and she says she is twenty minutes away. I can’t believe her. Anger flashes in my heart and I think of going home. It makes no sense.
I sit there. I open my true caller app and that’s when I realize I am okay.
In my blocked call list, I have 21 missed calls and one message. I open it. The numbers are all familiar. Around 10 calls are from  guy who followed me in campus. Am not worried about those. It is the other 11 that worry me because they are backed up by a creepy text.


I seriously have no idea what will happen in September nor do I know what will happen in October, but this text makes me think I just met a  male witch. Time to church now!!!

always winnie