Sometimes I end up thinking that I seriously belong to another world..  I have realized apart from being a sociology major, nothing else equips me to relate with people.

When I was in primary school, I spent my time either in school or helping my mum in the farm. I read novels as a hobby and played football. I wrote my short story compositions when I was free. I just realized my best friend was my maths and English teacher.
Secondary school, I was sent to a new place which is around six hours drive from home. I read novels when I wasn’t reading schoolwork or doing assignments. Every free hour was spent in the badminton court. Almost every weekend was spent in other schools for sports, mathematics contests or English debates.. Again, my best friend was my sports teacher and my favorite teacher was English..

Campus had me about 3hours drive from home. My best friend was my racquet. All weekends were spent either in the court, other campuses, sports clubs and at times my aunt’s place.
After clearing school, I have just realized I can’t relate with humans. I make enemies faster than I make anything else.
Most people can’t stand how blunt I am and am just learning how to sugarcoat answers especially negative ones.
My cousin was on my neck just a few weeks ago for telling someone I had no intention of visiting her in the near future. That is the truth but apparently it sounded really mean.
Every statement I am making now, I have to watch. If I have to speak my mind, I have to paraphrase it every time and am getting tired. I feel like am walking on eggshells and they might break any minute. Relating to humans is really way harder than I thought.. 😦

always winnie