Apart from being home alone with mosquitoes, t.v. and food, today I had a very funny day. Yesterday someone fed me with information that scared me out of my skin..
Well, it is about female genital mutilation. The information was that if I got married to a certain tribe, I would have to undergo that.
Whoa!! I love myself and maybe that is what will destroy me.. the love of self. I asked the guy am going out with and I thought he would laugh but  he didn’t. I remembered that one of my friends is going out with a guy from that particular tribe. I asked her today to ask her boyfriend.
It might have turned sour.. I seriously and honestly think that that guy was looking for an excuse to dump that girl…
Later in the day I looked at my what’s app messages and… this is what I got


Honestly what did I do now.. I wrote am sorry but it still appears hilarious to me. Who gets dumped for asking a question?
All we ask questions for, is to set our minds free…

always winnie