Despite being threatened with death by some Nigerian psychopath just before my weekend began, I certainly had the most awesome weekend I have had in a month or so.
Our boss decided we can’t work and I had to fight the urge to hug her. I went home excited. Friday was all energised. I spent a few hours in the salon braiding my hair


The rest of the evening was spent celebrating my favorite guy’s graduation. The happy fact wasn’t that he was graduating.. it was the food. Cake and icecream into the night. I went home sleepy and happy.
Saturday, I woke up as the last person. Went to the city to have my measurements taken. I might be getting an awesome dress for an upcoming wedding. The sad thing is, I might wear heels and even sadder that am paying for both the heels and the dress.
I later went to meet my husband, badminton. We had fun until all my energy got drained and I went home stinking and tired. I pity the person who sat next to me in the bus.
Sunday.. It wasn’t as lucky but I got to go church. I feel guilty because I am not a saint yet almost everyone thinks I am.. anyway, I will definitely have the atonement fast. Later I helped in preparing food for my aunt’s visitors. It wasn’t fun but at least I got to eat. By now you should have known I love food.  I eat and hope it doesn’t make me fat.
Anyway, I talked hours with my friend over the phone and just when I thought I would sleep, look what is here… Monday.
I will miss the weekend.

always winnie