Growing older

It is almost half a day of Tuesday day one of September. I am still in my bed with a bit of damp moods because of a few things.. However my crazy friends are sending me all mad messages and audios wishing me happy birthday.. there you have it.. it’s my birthday and all I am doing is staying in bed and getting crazy offers

From my brother
Hallo and Happy birthday. Safaricom wishes you joy and long life. Thank you for staying with Safaricom the better option
( well, safaricom is the network service provider. Who wants such a brother?? )

From my friend Leila
Happy birthday dear Winnie
Nakupenda kama ugali ( I love you like Ugali which is a local tasteless meal. I no longer want this friend).

From my friend Doreen
Hi dear. Happy birthday. Find the best barber shop and get your hair shaved. I will pay. That’s my birthday gift. (Someone shoot this dummy for me)

From my friend Gwen
Hi Winnie. Happy birthday. I will buy you sausages when I get money.. (what the heck?? It’s freaking end month Gwen!!)

From some guy Joel
Hi honey. Happy birthday. Will you please come we celebrate it at my house then I take you out to KFC?? (Dude, it’s my birthday. What kind of celebration will the two of us have in your freaking house?? Thanks but no)

From my friend Debbz
Happy birthday dear kaLucy
( okay, when did my name change?? Someone help me get good friends).
I will take you out on next week. Pick a day.

I simply don’t know why but it seems crazy messages is all I will get until the weekend comes.. anyway, I feel old now and I think I will start watching my diet. 25 isn’t very young.

always winnie

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