When it comes to sexual harassment

I think I already wrote about being insulted by some male workers at the mall am working at. Well, I forgot to mention that I tweeted at their head office and I think they were sent a mail.
The problem is that the same guy who was standing by as his colleague made remarks of how he wants to have sex with me and how I should be put in my right place is the same guy who was given the role of asking me what had happened. I never felt more insulted.

Apart from that, a meeting was called for all girls including me and the issue being addressed is how I shouldn’t have settled for social media because it is public. Furthermore, they said anybody found using a phone in the mall, would have to do without a phone for a few weeks.  I still don’t know on what grounds they want to take the phone away.
Shamelessly one guy had even the guts of saying if I went to school I would have gone and reported to the manager..
I was kind enough to tell him to keep yapping simply because I didn’t have any evidence on him. I also stated that I was in no way sorry for sending the tweet ( and asking my good cousin to retweet it for me).
I felt like the entire day I was being picked on simply because I had not kept quiet. I have had to repeat the story to the security personnel and other people in the mall and I can’t help but thank God that it was never physical and that I have so many people on my back that I feel like I could let the world know what those two idiots were saying to me.
I feel like the only reason women will not report sexual harassment of any kind is because they are made to feel like it is their fault. I however refuse to take a blame for something that isn’t my fault at all. Nobody should follow me around saying I should kiss them or my walking style makes them feel like I should have sex with them.. neither will I stand and watch anyone say that am just a woman and having sex with them will put me in my place..
I will not watch anyone tell me to shut up or they do what they are capable of..
I will not be harassed in any way and if it happens, I refuse to be hushed by anybody.

always winnie

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