I initially thought today was Monday because my Monday was a blur.. I don’t want to remember anything about it apart from a few texts and a call from people that love me so am settling for selective amnesia..
Tuesday though.. I had to spend the day with my best girl though by the end of it I have a headache and if her mum wouldn’t have arrived soon, I think I would be running mad by now.. how do kids do it?? She won’t ran out of energy, she won’t stop screaming, she won’t stop hanging on my back and she wouldn’t even allow me near my phone.. I feel like a parent already!!
Going near my phone had her telling me
‘ Winnie si mimi ni mtoto mzuri?? Ebu niekee dance.. ”
( Winnie, am I not a good kid?? Please play me dance)
If you are wondering what dance is, it’s the song Sitya Loss by Edu, a Ugandan. Its video has kids dancing and she wants to learn how to dance while holding my phone..
Well, I have no issue with her and her dance needs, just that she is too sharp for her own good. If I turn my back in a minute, she will either have dropped it, blocked while trying to guess the password pattern or going through my fb wall..
I think I am gonna pass. I have had to keep her entertained for several hours. We took photos, she carried the teddy bear on her back, I carried her, we washed clothes, we went to the shops, lunch.. danced, sang and more activities. All this while I was praying, ‘ God let her ran out of energy’
My prayers just weren’t answered..
Anyhow, I have to rest my head now.. so long

always winnie