Hello. I did miss being here. I have been busy sleeping on my sorrows and even taking life way too seriously but I think am up now..


Up though not out of bed

This past weekend was horrible. At the place am working, several men have made it their mission to keep following me with gross sexual remarks until I couldn’t take it any longer. They started getting gross when I refused to go out with any one of them. I should probably have gone out for a drink because I was to realize my reason for not going out wasn’t taking me any seriously. My life would have been easier at the workplace.
I also realized all my friends love me more than I expected. After updating that I was being insulted, my phone won’t stop ringing and what’s app messages won’t stop. Some friends also offered to beat up the guys for me.. and some wanted to come and stay with me.. I just love this people. One amazing guy decided to go up and tell the manager that the staff were harassing his ‘wife’. I laughed at him later and asked for a ring.. 😀
Anyway, I am up again and hoping this weekend goes really well. Am up and open for icecream especially in the weather we are experiencing.
I just hope all my friends here are safe and sound. Maybe you should all call me up and take me out.

always winnie