Am a woman and with 25 fast approaching, trust me I have had my share of lessons. Plus I am Kenyan. Here you learn so many extra lessons.
Now, I don’t know why most of us are so set out to live a lie. Why are people living with each other when they well know that they won’t eventually settle down together?? I might be a bit old fashioned but seriously if you think you can live together, get freaking married. It’s very weird when you have to keep leaving because you aren’t in good terms with your roommate who you have sex with. It’s even worse if you have to wake the neighbors up because you fought at night and you have to be sent out at weird hours of the night. We have to host you for the night and you can’t even explain who you are to the guy because in my culture girlfriends don’t live with boyfriends. Wives live with husbands.
Anyway, stop wasting time and just move on with your life. There is no need of holding onto someone who you don’t want in your life for the future. Unless you are roommates. Nothing more

always winnie