I was chatting with one supermarket attendant yesterday and all she came across to me was a crazy young woman who asked me if I know where she could get weed. I laugh at her and tell her I don’t smoke and then she smiles back and tells me jokingly
‘ oh no.. you can’t be in campus and not smoke’
We are talking about school life and then a father with his daughters passes by. They are laughing about something and then I instinctively say ‘ if that was my dad, he wouldn’t be smiling. He knows what we would do to his money by the end of the shopping. ‘
I turn to her and the smile is gone from her face. I expected her to laugh. I try to explain myself.
‘ we used to ask for everything. my father had to sneak out if he really wanted to buy anything. We thought fathers should have money and he couldn’t say no to us’
She turns away. I tap her shoulder and ask her whether she is listening
She turns to me and softly says
‘ thank God you have good memories about your father’
I am taken back. Looking at her, she looks like a perfect woman with two adorable kids. Little did I know she was and still is broken inside.
I look at her and she gives me a sad smile
‘ the only time I spent with my father was when he had beaten us badly and had to take us to the hospital’
I want to reach out so badly but then the little girl in her won’t allow anyone to. I smile sadly and let her blink back her tears. I also want to swallow the lump on my throat.

As I give that a thought, I want to appreciate all those fathers who are amazing. That spoil their kids rotten with love, hard earned money and unending patience. You all deserve to be appreciated. ❤
Thank you so much for giving your babies what no other person could give them.

always winnie